Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

The SurgeRS (Surge Research Support) wishes all friends and visitors a very Happy New Year.

The year 2010 brings with it hope for the crisis wrecked Global Economy — subscribe to our Monthly e-bulletin of Economic indicators & data so that you do not miss out the important trends in the New Decade. Have crucial economic data at your disposal through the year for a nominal charge of Rs. 2000.00 ($ 40) per year.

E-UpDates the monthly statistical bulletin by EcoFin-Surge is a comprehensive compilation of Indian data covering Macro-economic variables like GDP, Industrial Production indices, Inflation and Banking & Financial market indicators like Monetary developments, Interest rates and yields in the Govt. and Corporate debt market, Stock & Commodity market indices. It also gives you snapshots of the global economy by providing crucial indicators for economies like the US, Euro-zone, UK, Japan and some of India’s major trading partners. Previous month’s data reaches your inbox by the 9th of each month. Our sample bulletin for June-09 Issue of E-UpDates (visit our website) includes the Indian Union Budget highlights. For more Data and Indicators visit our Website.

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