Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Data on India & Global Economy

ECOFIN-SURGE is an endeavor to provide information support to anyone interested in researching the Indian and International economy. This website provides ECOnomic & FINancial historical time Series data, regular Updates and Reports on the Global Economy.
ECOFIN-SURGE offers a vast and comprehensive compilation of Indian data covering Macro-economic variables like GDP, Government Finances, Industrial & Agricultural Production indices, Inflation and Banking & Financial market indicators like Interest rates, Stock & Commodity market indices. All efforts are made to provide time series data for quality econometric research work.
ECOFIN-SURGE also gives you snapshots of the global economy by providing crucial indicators for economies like the US, Euro-zone, UK, Japan and other Asian countries as well as some Latin American countries. The site is ideal for anyone tracking trends in the international markets/economies.
ECOFIN-SURGE is maintained by a team with over a decade’s experience in working with economic and financial data. All our data is compiled from reliable sources like Government and Central bank websites and the sources are clearly mentioned in each data table.
ECOFIN-SURGE provides part of its collection of the basic data, free of cost for your convenience, while, some other series like crucial rates and ratios are estimated and are provided at a small cost. Historical time series data is also available at a nominal cost. We request you to delve into these rich resources and use them for your research needs. The compilation of data here is meant to help you save a lot of your valuable time and efforts in gathering data, allowing you more time for your core research. If there is anything you would like us to include in this website do let us know.
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