Tuesday, January 20, 2009

In the New Year we again invite you to visit our renewed website www.ecofin-surge.co.in which now offers a collection of latest Economic and Financial News and Reports and Tools for your convenience.
www.ecofin-surge.co.in is an endeavour to provide data support to anyone who is interested in tracking the trends in the Indian and Global Economy as well as Financial markets. The website offers a comprehensive collection of macro-economic and financial markets' data, both Indian and International compiled from official websites of relevant countries. The website provides part of its collection of the basic data, free of cost, while, some other series like historical time-series and crucial rates and ratios or bond yields are estimated and provided at request (as Excel files .xls worksheets/PDF/HTML files) at a reasonable charge.
Do save this mail and spare some of your valuable time to visit the site occasionally. We sincerely hope that you will find it useful. We look forward to receiving your valuable comments and suggestions.
The SURGERS (SURGE Research Support)
for EcoFin-Surge..
Please click on the url:
Also explore
http://www.ecofin-surge.co.in/terminology.html —for lucid exposition of terms.
http://www.ecofin-surge.co.in/yield.html —for GSec/Corporate bond secondary market yields for different tenures/risk.
http://www.ecofin-surge.co.in/at-a-glance.html — for updates on major global economic indicators.

http://www.ecofin-surge.co.in/kiosk.html - for E-UpDates the monthly statistical bulletin with a comprehensive database of economic and financial market indicators.

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